World Randonneur 56cm (SOLD)

Bikes / Touring

Our latest Pedal Cyclery shop build is this elegantly restored Gemini World randonneur, rebuilt with a Shimano touring drivetrain and exquisite Kusuki randonneur handlebars. This bike started life in the mid eighties designed as a bike for fully loaded touring, equipped with tough but light Tange cromoly steel. In this restoration the bike has a new lease on life, and could be run as anything from a daily commuter to a loaded tourer to a randonneur for sunday rides.

We’ve lovingly built it up with some rare and beautiful components, including unusual Shimano 600 cantilever brakes with Koolstop pads, Kusuki handlebars and hand built 27″ wheels with Sunshine Pro-am hubs. The drivetrain is a mix of Shimano Deore components, all prized for their durability and the ride is topped with a comfy leather cardiff saddle.

$1750.00 Enquire (SOLD)