About Pedal Cyclery

This is how we do it

Carefully considered, beautiful and unique bicycles.


We started out buying and collecting quality vintage bicycles at auctions and garage sales when we were based in Sydney. We’d rush back to the workshop with every new find and excitedly take it apart in anticipation of what we could rebuild from what we had.  Before long, we were building bikes for friends, and then friends of friends.


The original Melbourne Pedal Cyclery opened in Coburg in 2011. Over the past five years our process has remained the same – deconstruct and reconstruct.

Global mass production means more products nowadays are made at a lower quality than in the past. As bicycle builders, we have access to high-quality items available on the second hand market, and an eye for what is good quality, so there is no question for us whether or not to incorporate these parts into our process. The less that has to be newly produced, the better.

Through years of experience, we have learned what works and what doesn’t and we’ll use that knowledge to make carefully considered, beautiful and unique bicycles.








In January 2016 Pedal Cyclery opened a brand new workshop and showroom space at Preston, in Melbourne’s north.  We have an open workshop, both to reassure customers about the quality of the workmanship, and to help us educate customers on the mechanical functionality of their bicycles.

We approached building the new workshop with much of same philosophy as with our bicycle building. We kept what was good and of quality, and added new when it was needed.  And of course it had to look good too!

We gutted the interior to expose the original brickwork and beautiful woodwork that can now be seen holding up the ceiling AND hanging bicycles. We kept and reused what hardwood we could, to create fixtures for frames, wheels and tyres. We decided to fabricate all of the fixtures and work spaces ourselves to create a pleasurable environment for us to work in, and for customers to spend time in.

We are excited about the development of a garden space at the rear of the shop and about soon offering coffee for our customers and local community to come and enjoy anytime.





Building the Shop

The Workshop Completed

The Garden