Reelight City Supreme – Permanent Frictionless Dynamo Lighting


We’re excited to finally see these lights on our shelves! For city riding, these Reelights are completely unrivalled in convenience. Running completely friction free, the lights make you easily visible on city streets . A 10 minute job to install, and you never have to worry about having lights at night again. Chris has been riding these for 12 months now, and won’t stop raving about them.

These revolutionary bike lights are powered by eddy currents generated when the wheel rim passes the light. The technology works without any extra components and is the first friction free dynamo-powered bike light system. City Supreme has a power backup system and continues to light up to 2 minutes when you stop. The light’s brackets are made of high quality plastic and stainless steel. They’re made to fit the majority of bikes and are already assembled to ensure a quick and safe mounting.

$80 Enquire